I love love! This is why I write love stories. Although I am releasing this book now, “Fractured Love... Broken Promises” is a valentine story that is not about Valentine’s Day. It is about love. A forbidden love and an unexpected love rising from the ashes.

You will not find love poems or quotes of love in these pages but you will experience love.

Coll was shocked to discover that the woman he wished to wed was his half-sister and his half-brother was not his brother at all! He was quickly wed to another lass before the shame could be revealed.

Heather was confused. One day Coll speaks words of love to her and the next...he is wed to another. Furious with the betrayal, she vows to dislike the warrior the king has betrothed her to...not an easy task when he is handsome and gallant.

Determined to stay the course, she soon finds her heart melting as she gradually falls in love with her new husband.

When Coll returns...who will she choose? She does not know that he is her brother. Will she pine away for a forbidden love? Will they tell her the truth before she ruins the one true love in her life?

Pick up a copy and see for yourself why I love love.

The portals had been blasted open!

The world was literally being destroyed on her heels as she passed through the portal to another time...another age. Arianna had been saved from that terrible fate...time travelling backwards to fulfill her destiny.

His betrothed had disappeared when she was two years of age. Promised as children, Lucian had honored the contract and remained untethered till he learned of her true fate.

Her sudden appearance through the portal surprised them all...especially the one responsible for her time travel in the first place. Why was she spirited away? Or was she an impostor? Will the portals ever be opened again?
Available at Amazon and Smashwords. Soon to be added to my store.

Highland Christmas was written with my readers in mind. If you were not able to get your free version before time was up, it is now available in my store as pdf, epub, mobi and html for $2.99. It will be released with Amazon within a few days as well. Don't miss out!

Lokai's Curse, a follow-up to Blessing The Highlander:

  Diedre had been banished from the Fae Realm and stripped of her magic by her father, King of the Fae, on her wedding day. The Captain of the Royal Guard was now her husband and jailer.
   Lokai must teach his bride to not interfere in mortals lives as he protects the royal family from his own father. A man they all thought was dead.
   Will he succeed this time, or is it impossible to destroy this evil?

An excerpt:
 They appeared together, hand in hand, on the beach. Neither one spoke…nor did they look at each other.     From a distance, a stranger might think they were lovers having a secret rendezvous. If they drew closer, though, they would see their folly as they observed the expressions on their faces.

The ‘Golden Warrior’s icy stare masked the pain of rejection he held in his chest as the red handprint on his cheek began to fade. He ground his teeth rather than speak the bitter words on his tongue.

Beside him stood a tearful lass…her despair evident to anyone who would gaze upon her. But no one would. She had been banished to this empty isle. This was her new home…her prison of isolation. No one was allowed to visit her.

She gave a quick glance to her jailer from the corner of her eye and sucked in a gasp when she saw the mark she had left. He stiffened. His pride hurt worse than the blow she had given him. She had shamed him before the entire Fae Court.


  “Do not!” he snarled. “I have no wish to hear false apologies.”

You can find this book on Smashwords in all formats along with "Blessing The Highlander" and "Tarnished Honor".

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